on friendship

no matter how long you have known each other, it does not guarantee that no change will take place from both sides.
time isn’t the measure of friendship. sincerity, loyalty, and connection and the likes are what mostly matters sometimes.
now, if time, space, environment, and bad behaviors have affected that friendship that you have built for years, slowly damaging the foundation underneath, try to fix it as much as possible.
but if everything does not need fixing anymore, when disrespect, disappointments, and ignorance are the only vibrations that you can give to each other, do not be afraid to find your way out of a toxic friendship… do not be afraid to once again find people who you can vibe in and be happy with… “hold space for healing, make room for love (alex elle)”

“be careful with who you choose to have in your life. energies are contagious. surround yourself with people who reflect that way you want to feel” -unknown


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