(written on November 22,2012)

I went out tonight Dear, you were sleeping like child,
So I kissed you on the head, so tender and mild,
You look very tired from work and I know it’s so hard,
But we need to prove them wrong, so we need to strive.

And now, it’s the time for me to go to my job,
I’m on a night shift, so I need to ride a cab,
While on my way I began reminiscing,
From the first day that I loved you and it’s very beginning.

We found love in the dawn of our teenage years,
When all we got was smile on our faces and we never had fears,
Fear of losing each other because we knew that we’ll always belong together,
And that our love will never fade forever and ever.

But maybe we were so naïve that we have done foolish things,
We forgot to think of the consequences that might come in,
Some people said that we screwed up things,
But for us this little life is such a blessing.

My senses came back and I realized that the cab is heading the wrong way,
I am so frightened that I just closed my eyes and pray,
After a period the driver asked for my things,
And so I gave it to him and began crying.
But oh dear he grabbed my arms and it hurts so bad,
Pulled my hair and pushed my back,
I touched my tummy and closed my eyes,
Still praying that He’ll save our lives.

The driver stabbed my chest and slashed my face,
And I don’t know anymore how to win this race,
Race to save our souls from death,
Oh dear, I’m running out of breath.

Please wake up Dear, we need you here,
I don’t want everything to disappear,
Blood can be seen anywhere right now,
Please be with me, be with me somehow.

I can feel that my body is floating and this couldn’t be,
Oh dear, what about our baby?
I want him to see how beautiful this world is,
And how true love in our hearts can exist.

I still want him to see you and let him know how good you are,
But I guess he could just see it from afar,
And Dear please always remember this,
That it’s you that I will always love and miss.

As my vision is disappearing I just wanted to ask,
Why does everything need to end so suddenly?
Why does the driver need to kill me, doesn’t he know?
That it’s not only the life of one that he would slay, but the lives of two.

I know this happened because it was God’s plan,
We don’t have the right to complain or decline,
But dear, promise me that you will live your life even when I’m not around,
And that you will lift up yourself when you’re feeling down.

I am already holding this little angel in my arms dear,
He looks so calm and out of fear,
We will just wait for you in the wonderland,
And when we see each other again, we will never be apart.

I went out tonight Dear, you were sleeping like child,
I kissed you on the head, so tender and mild,
“Goodbye my love, goodbye my life”, says your wife
“Goodbye daddy I’ll take care of mum”, says our child,
We will always by your side, WE WILL ALWAYS BE.

photo: http://www.lovethispic.com/uploaded_images/17262-Mother-And-Son.jpg


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