Wish List

  1. To be more spiritually active

I want to have a deeper, tighter connection with God. It makes me feel guilty sometimes that I’m more active at things that are not really necessary. He actually deserves a special portion of our time everyday. Yet sometimes, you and I tend to forget giving it to Him.

  1. To be more focused on my schooling

I’m easily distracted by various things like SOCIAL MEDIA, BOOKS, TV SHOWS etc. Haay, I really can’t help it! *tears* Cool pictures really entice me. But hey, most of the stuffs I’m checking are not really none-sense huh. I mean, I like reading articles, facts, and quotations by great folks. Those stuffs inspire me you know.

  1. To manage my activities accordingly

Having mentioned that I’m a lil distracted of unnecessary things, I want to learn how to manage my activities. I want to be an oriented person (charing).

  1. To gain enough confidence

I have to admit that I’m full of doubt of myself. I know that I must be positive, to walk my talk on my social media accounts. But I cannot help it. The devil would always whisper that I cannot do certain things, that I am undeserving, that I am not talented, that I am foolish… things like that. Hay, but I should not allow him to make me feel lowly as my God will set me high to make me the best version of myself.

    5. To finish college with distinctions

I want to make my family and those who support my education happy. I want to give back, prove to myself that I am capable, and inspire my siblings. I know that honours don’t really measure intelligence nor one’s self-worth but hey, it can be a source of inspiration to keep you moving forward towards your significant goals. There’s nothing wrong aiming for it. (Buhay ko to kaya wala kayong paki… ha ha joke joke)

       6.To lose myself at breath-taking places

I’m kinda introvert and independent. Since then, I really aim to travel to really nice places alone. I want to lose myself for a while and I know that by losing myself, I’ll find what I’ll find what I’m missing in life (asuuus).

The thought of sitting on one of the white sand beaches (with my Chucks placed beside me) in the Pacific Islands is exhilarating (woooo hooo hooo). Feeling the sea breeze, listening to the sound of the ocean, watching the people pass by (while weaving their life story in my mind ha ha ha… whatever) and taking photos of sunset and moon would be so dope too. *insert excitement*


(Grabe sha)



  1. To find a job that covers my skills and interests

I want to work satisfied. I don’t want to only see my job as an avenue for me to provide the needs of my family and I. I rather want to love it so much to be motivated everyday to render my service. The salary is just a bonus (I really hope that it’s high though… who doesn’t need money anyway?)

  1. To play the guitar efficiently

So here’s the thing… my fingers are so short. And it’s so hard for me to play my guitar because my hands get tired easily when using it for a very long amount of time. I hope I can find a way to make it easier. Haaaay. Or should I try Ukalele instead? Ha ha.

  1. To read a lot of classic books

Classic books really arouse my interest. I love the depth it serves. I enjoy underlining words that I cannot understand and putting the meaning of that word beside it Classic books are so dope and timeless.

  1. To get a unit in education

I want to try teaching. A history teacher maybe? I love history… hi hi.

  1. To study again

Anything related to Arts… Fine arts, interior designing or architecture. I’m not really super sure yet. Hmmm. But I also really want to know how to cook and bake (I’ll really pursue this one).

  1. To Master Baking

Baking is unfortunately my weakness but I’m very much willing to learn because I love pastries. *looking forward*.

  1. To have a phone with a super high-resolution front and rear cameras

I want to capture dope moments, places and people. A phone with great camera is quite handy and useful.

  1. To have a modern themed house designed by me

I love creating houses on SIMS (my favourite PC game since forever). I want to apply my MAMAWNESS on SIMS in real life. I’m so excited for this “project” in the future.


(Takes my breath away)



  1. To improve my painting and drawing skills

I want to express my gratitude to my mother for imparting a little bit of artistic her skills in me (ha ha charito).

Drawing and painting really affect me. I mean, it shifts my mood. I become calmer as it makes me feel lighter. And i want to improve my skill. I want to fill an entire sketchbook of my drawings and load walls with my painting canvasses.


(some of my works)

  1. Learn how to drive

I’m also a little MAMAW in Vice City and San Andreas. I make the character steal many cool cars and drive it like crazy.  (ha ha)

Anyway, I want to learn how to drive not because I want to carnap cars or make myself the queen of the road (I hate kaskaseros and boroteros). I want to manoeuvre a car because it would allow me to go to different places…to travel.

I would always imagine myself driving at night, exploring the city (with the radio playing love songs). I love how the lights everywhere shine, I love how the moon emphasizes her existence, I love the almost clear roads, and I love the cold feeling the car’s air-con brings.

  1. Have cars

Since I was a kid I love cars. I used to have lots of matchbox cars. My favourite is my mini-cooper with a coca cola print on it (fade in *Where are you now*). But all my toys are already nowhere to be found *tears*.

But it’s somehow fine because I want to have a real car. Audi A1 (an orange one), Suzuki swift, Honda jazz, and Suzuki Jimney are my favorites at the moment. (See you soon babies)


(I kenottttt… So in love with this Audi A1 <3)


(Saw this at the mall. Fell in love instantly. Grabe, she’s my car version har har)

  1. Have a 7/11 branch

Lately, I fell in love with convenient stores, especially 7/11. I love staying and reading my books there. Quixmart on the otherhand is my fave too. It caters me and my classmates during our long vacant periods. I want to share the convenience to other people. (hahaha hehehe hihihi hohoho)

  1. To have a collection of wrist-watch

Wrist-watches are so sexy. I want to have a lot of ‘em to match ‘em what I wear for the day. Casio’s Gshock/ baby Gshock (any color and kind), Unisilver MyJaps collection, and an orange Q and Q are my faves at the moment.

  1. Work at UNICEF

It’s my dream job. I want to apply my course here. I want to go to different countries in the world, meet different races, and witness different life cases. I wish I could make it… I also wish to work with Katy Perry, Nicole Richie and Joel Madden there. That would really be a bonus. Love them soo much.


(Nicole Richie is my spirit animal. Her Husband Joel Madden, Good Charlotte member, is a UNICEF goodwill ambassador. I love them sooo much. They’re a power couple! )


( Aww! This photo is so sweeeeeeet. I love Katy since my elementary years. Her music is sooo effin good. It’s really my dream to work with her at UNICEF (charitooooo!) )

  1. To have a new laptop

I need laptop so much. It’s so helpful especially in doing school stuffs. It allows me to write my thoughts everywhere (I hate writing by hand. It hurts.) My current laptop is so slow already (but I’m so thankful for my cousin for handing it to me) and I badly need a new one.

Images from:

( http://40.media.tumblr.com/5d9c8771fe8e025d9907760884955c33/tumblr_ni7vpbQTDE1tpayk9o1_1280.jpg)

(from: https://36.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lpc90iUHpF1qfrkf3o1_500.jpg)







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