My name is Danes, I’m 18 years of age.
Blogging is new for me, so I’m feeling like a lost kid right now so please bear with me.
I don’t usually keep diaries because I don’t feel like doing it. My hand hurts. However, I’ve found out that expressing my thoughts can somehow clear out my mind and chest. In other words, it made me feel lighter.

I named this blog site as UNSAIDperspectives because there are lots of things in my mind that are left unsaid. I’m the kind of person who stutters in the middle of saying something. It’s so EMBARRASSING most of the time especially when I’m speaking in the middle of the classroom. I really just don’t know why! Maybe my brain is processing so fast that it can’t handle its speed. Ha ha, crazy brain.

Anyway, I hope that I can religiously write my thoughts to keep this site updated. That’s all for now. :’)


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